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To book Blue Honey or to get more information please contact them at:

Bluesplaya1 AT yahoo DOT com     OR     508-340-1037   OR

jbeliveau74 AT gmail DOT com     OR     774-535-5183

Blue Honey - With twin gun slinger guitars, a sultry female vocalist, two soulful sax players and a hard hitting rhythm section "Blue Honey" can storm just about any club with a deluge of Blues, Root's Rock, Funk, Soul and more.

Every member a seasoned veteran of countless clubs, they know how to put a song over - whether it be down home Mississippi Muddy Waters shuffle, raved up with slide guitar and sax or a Motown ass mover, pounding the club into a dance frenzy. This band gets it done. Check out the band at a club near you - they are sweet as wild clover honey, you know ~ BLUE HONEY

Here's a complete list of the venues we have played. Feel free to contact them and ask about our shows and professionalism. Every venue we play asks to have us back.

  • Black Sheep Tavern
  • Blue Plate Lounge
  • Gardner Hotel
  • Greendales
  • Jillian's
  • Mechanics Hall
  • Post Office Pub
  • Rhode Island Convention Centre
  • Sally O'Brien's
  • The Stomping Ground
  • Strange Brew
  • Tavern on The Green
  • Vincent's
  • Viva Bene
  • Wong Dynasty
  • -- notable Events --
  • Feature at the Cars of Summer Auto Show
  • Mechanics Hall - WICN Brown Bag Concert Series
  • Rode Island Convention Centre Jingle Bell Bash

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Blue Honey Videos:

Blue Honey - Close to My Fire - Viva Bene

Blue Honey - Loan Me a Dime - Viva Bene

Blue Honey - Voodoo Woman


Listen to some Blue Honey!

Band Logos:

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Elayne Fikucki - lead vocalist. Elayne was raised in a household in which the turntable was always turning. She developed an appreciation for all types of music and has a wide category of musical knowledge. As a vocalist, she has a sultry bluesy style which lends itself well to Blue Honey's repertoire.

Kevin Williams - Guitar. After touring and recording extensively with several other acts Kevin released his debut solo album "Hollywood Endings" in the Spring of 2010. While playing live in support of the album he met founding members of Blue Honey at a club in Worcester, MA and connected with them on both a personal and musical level. By the Summer of 2012 he joined the band full-time. His take on blues playing lends a modern twist to Blue Honey's classic rhythm and blues sound.

Darren Pinto - Guitar. Darren played in numerous Local and regional bands over the years. He was fortunate to have toured with major National acts, shared the stage with local and National musicians. He counts among his many influences: Albert King, Angus Young, SRV, Buddy Guy,

Justin Beliveau - Started playing bass at age 12. A heavy influence of classic rock learned from my father and uncle, a bass player and a drummer. After high school Justin set off to Germany to pedal his four string wears, doing both original and cover music. After 8 years overseas he returned to the U.S. landing in north Carolina. Another four years of classic rock before returning home to Massachusetts in 2006. Played more original music before giving into his love of rhythm and blues and finding a musical family in Blue Honey. Justin has had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of James Montgomery, Charlie Farren and many others.

James Bennett - Tenor Sax. James has been playing the saxophone for 20 years when, in 1983,decided to get serious. James joined the roots blues band Jump'n George and the Blue Lites. One of the nice things about this band was that for five years it had a weekly gig at a place called The Horseshoe Lounge. Occasionally, local luminaries such as Ronnie Earl and Jerry Portnoy would come by and wow the crowd. Heady stuff. During the early 90's, the Blue Lites morphed into Tabasco Fiasco. Tabasco had a heavier R&B sound with a strong rock capability. They had a good run north of Boston until 2014.

Since moving to central Massachusetts in 2000, James has been a member of New England Regional Bands Blue Honey, The Road Kill Orchestra, The Reprobates Blues Band, Melanie and the Blue Shots, The Gurus of Blues, and Crawdade Creek. The best piece of musical advice James received came from AC Reed, a sax player and good friend of Jimmy Reed. "Just keep playing and everything gets easier." I am strongly influenced by Grady Gains, A C Reed, Lester Young Earl Bostic.

Austin Beliveau (Tuna) - Drums. Tuna played in many NE bands like Colt45, NE3, Austin Winch band and many others. Starting back as far as 1967 1968 playing for returning Veterans at the Natick army Labs. He's also played up and down east coast from VT to Fl and directions west. He was influnced by Classic Rock, Country R & B and good old Blues . Tuna gets his schooling by Marching band, many hours of live shows, and of course the big school of hard knocks.