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To book Matt Zajac or to get more information please contact him at:

Mattzajac AT msn DOT com     OR     774-571-8168

Matt was the 2015 WMRC Local Music Awards winner for: Best Solo Acoustic Act & Best Male Vocal. In 2016, Matt won the LMA's greatest honor "The Headliner" award , along with Best Acoustic Act. In 2017 he won Best Male Vocalist for the 2nd time.

Matt has been performing professionally for 25 years but his interest in music goes much further back. Matt, like most people his age got started on his parents Beatles Albums but Matt's tastes are eclectic if anything. Citing influences such as: Aerosmith, the Black Crowes, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and the Band,Janis Joplin, but also; John Coltrane & Robert Johnson to name just a few. Matt\'s a well-seasoned musician who plays multiple instruments and has a wide range of experience from the many bands he's been in.

Matt's been in bands that have toured regionally and nationally. He\'s played venues from the famous Whisky a Go Go on sunset Blvd. to local legends such as the Channel, Axis, Bunratty/'s & The Rat.

You can currently catch one of Matt's shows in the central MA/MetroWest areas,as well as regionally across New England.

Matt also provides Instrument Lessons. Check out his Lessons page to get details

Here's a partial list of the venues we have played. Feel free to contact them and ask about our shows and professionalism. Every venue we play asks to have us back.

  • 3 (Franklin, MA)
  • Alumni
  • Andrea (Westerly, RI)
  • Ashland Ale House
  • Barringers
  • Blackthorne Publick House
  • Boston Hard Rock Cafe
  • Boston Tavern
  • British Beer Comapny
  • Cats
  • The Central tavern
  • Chickie flynns
  • The Chieftain
  • club Babyhead
  • Copperfields
  • Doc's Sports Bar
  • The Escape Club
  • Funky Murphys
  • The Garage Bar and Grill
  • Grumpys
  • Hanto
  • J. Grays Tavern
  • Jalapeños
  • The Living Room
  • Liz's Diamond
  • The Loft (Worcester)
  • Marlboro country club
  • Medway Cafe
  • Memorial Hall
  • Middle East
  • Millerville Men's Club
  • mr. Dooleys
  • O'Briens Pub
  • The Paradise
  • Patriots Pub
  • Pejama Joe's
  • PJ's
  • Pub 140
  • Ralphs Rock Diner
  • Red Barn
  • Red Rock Grill
  • Redstone Rrill
  • Rock n Coal
  • Rose Garden
  • Scioli's
  • Sidewalk Cafe (NYC)
  • Tamminy Hall
  • TJ's
  • The Tradesman
  • Uncommon Place
  • Uptown Pub
  • Victory Lane
  • Worcester Palladium
  • --- Legendary Boston Venues --
  • Axis
  • Avalon
  • The Rat
  • The Channel
  • Bunrattys/local 186
  • Mama Kin
  • Sir Morgan's Cove
  • The Lucky Dog
  • TT The Bears
  • Maximus
  • --- National Venues --
  • Tune In (CT)
  • Studio 158 (CT)
  • Cell Block 44 (CT)
  • Knitting Factory (NYC)
  • Mercury lounge (NYC)
  • Whisky a Go Go (LA)
  • Coconut Teaszer (LA)
  • The Garage (LA)
  • The Crowbar (CA)
  • Sk8topia (OH)
  • Stone Lounge (FL)
  • The Juke Joint (CA)
  • Twisters (VA)
  • The Station Nightclub (RI)

Matt Zajac Photos:
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Matt Zajac Videos:

Matt Zajac - Me & Bobby McGee

Matt Zajac - Live on WMRC

Matt Zajac - Home Sweet Home (Acoustic)


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Matt Zajac - Matt was the 2015 WMRC Local Music Awards winner for: Best Solo Acoustic Act & Best Male Vocal. 2016 winner for "the Headliner" (the events biggest honor) and Best Acoustic Act. In 2017 he won Best Male Vocal for the 2nd time.

Matt currently performs locally and regionally doing about 150-170 or so gigs a year playing guitar and singing. In addition to performing solo acoustic Matt has several different duo & trio configurations with many of the areas top players. He also will often play as a full band billed as "Matt Zajac And Friends". When performing under this banner Matt will do primarily his own material, with the occasional cover gig thrown in for good measure. Bill Donovan (bass guitar) and Steve Serra (guitar) , are usually involved in this lineup and it is not uncommon to see Kate Russo (Big Brother and the holding company) and many others get involved as well. Matt will also put together bands from time to time for special events and one-off type performances.

So how did it all start? Well Matt was introduced to the music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, and many others at a very young age. his roots go back to punk rock/hardcore music though he has always been a rock n roll type guy at heart. Growing up Matt enjoyed such bands as AC/DC, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, and Guns n Roses, After tracing back the influences of those bands he discovered classic rock which ultimately exposed him to a wide variety of music. At a young age he knew that making music professionally was the life for him.

Starting in the late 80's Matt started playing out professionally with bands. He's been in local, regional and nationally touring bands playing revered venues on both coasts and all points in-between.

Some of the great venues Matt has played include: Axis, Avalon, the Rat, The Channel, Bunrattys/local 186, Mercury lounge and Sidewalk Cafe in NYC, The Middle East, Mama Kin and The Hard Rock Cafe on the East Coast. He's played South, Midwest, and West Coast venues like the famous Whisky a Go Go, Coconut Teaszer, & The Garage in LA, The Crowbar in San Diego.

Matt has played some major festivals too! Hempstock, Freedom Fest, Harvest Fest & Locobazooka to name a few. He's also released two full length CD's, "Get Off" and "Secret Songs of Sacred Dances" while he was with the band Headrush and while he was in Arise they released a 7" Vinyl Record. He is currently recording songs for his debut solo album tentatively entitled "Come With Me". You can hear the first single "Welcome song" on most major streaming/download sites such as iTunes, Pandora and Spotify. You can also find Matt on ReverbNation and SoundCloud .

Matt has such a depth and width of experience. He has shared the stage with Mark Bell of the Joe Perry project , Steven Adler of GnR, Ray Manzarek of the doors, and members of the band WASP and most recently beloved singer/songwriter Ellis Paul.

Here's a small list of the things Matt has been involved in:
  • Clenched Fist & Second Wind (88-90)
  • Arise (91-96, toured nationally)
  • Headrush (95-2000)
  • Touch it 2001-2002 (w/ Jesse Kramer & members of Big D and the kids table)
  • Labianca 2003-2005 (W/ joe Giglio of VH1's "Rock 'N' Roll" fantasy camp)
  • While Matt was in Arise he had the chance to play with bands such as: Hatebreed, Converge, Overcast, Sam Black Church, Eye For an Eye, Slapshot & Dive (pre Dropkick Murphey/'s) and many others
Over the years Matt has performed a wide range of musical styles including: Rock, Blues, Soul, Bluegrass, Classical Folk, Country, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, even Jazz & Reggae. but He's a Rock 'N' Roll type of guy so he just calls it Rock 'n' Roll.