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To book The Walkin' Blues Band or to get more information please contact Mark Todd at:

harpdr AT     OR     508-353-6055

The Walkin' Blues band was formed by Mark Todd and Jason Nelson in 2006 as an acoustic duo. The band has had as many as 5 members but since 2013 has been a tight 4 piece blues band. Mark Todd(Harmonica, Vocals) , Al Green(Guitar), Michael Terry(Bass, Vocals) & Mike Traub(Drums) have a deep love for the blues. They play from several styles of Blues music with a strong influence from the 'Chicago Blues' of the 1920's, '30's, and '40's as well as modern blues performed by artists such as BB King and Paul Butterfield. They bring their style to modern & classic rock performing songs by The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, SRV and more.

The Walkin' Blues Band has played great festivals like the New England Blues Fest to honored venues like The Chicken Bone and many great clubs in between.

Here's a complete list of the venues we have played. Feel free to contact them and ask about our shows and professionalism. Every venue we play asks to have us back.

  • The Chicken Bone
  • Firefly's
  • Soco Rose
  • Pejamajoe's
  • Jasper Hill
  • Victory Lane
  • The Hawks Nest
  • The Olde Post Office Pub
  • Sally O'Brien's
  • The Midway Cafe
  • Multiple private parties

Walkin' Blues Band Photos:
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Walkin' Blues Band Videos:

WBB - "Born in Chicago" @ Liz's Diamond

WBB - "Let The Good Times Roll" @ Liz's Diamond

WBB - "Mellow Down Easy" @ Twelve

WBB - "Killing Floor" @ Jasper Hill

WBB - Communications Breakdown @ Twelve

WBB - Wait On time


Listen to some Walkin' Blues Band!

Band Logos:

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LISA MACALASTER - Lisa's singing career began at the age of four in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church of Smithfield NY when she marched up to the front alter, sat down next to the minister (her father), and announced that she would like to sing the anthem. A veteran A cappella, R&B and Jazz singer she is moving farther and farther from the alter at each performance. But she can always be counted on to sing like an angel.

Lisa resides on Pinckney Street in Beacon Hill, unless it's snowing, it which case being avid skiers, she and her husband Spencer head North to their home in Stowe Vt. To support her musical inclinations Lisa sells residential real estate in Boston with Coldwell Banker.

MARK TODD - Vocals, Harmonica. Mark Todd started playing music at the age of 13 as a classic rock drummer, that would simultaneously play the harmonica on a neck holder. However, after time and a sudden exposure to classic Blues, playing the harmonica took a whole new meaning and defined what music could be for him. Stepping out behind the drums and focusing on learning how to play, his skill and style have become unique in the local music scene. After a performance at a Blues filled night at the Foxborough Orpheum Theater, Mark Todd was featured in a local write up of the event. The description of the performance began with "The Walkin' Blues Band opened with a classic blues set featuring master of the harmonica, Mark Todd whose wailing riffs took the crowd back the Mississippi Delta". A short description, yet speaks volumes to the emotion and feelings that are conveyed to the listening audience through individualized techniques and emotions that have been influenced for over 10 years primarily by the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson II and, in particular, Paul Butterfield: two legendary harmonica players with unique and distinct styles. Yet somehow Mark Todd makes his own impressions with the audience integrating these influences with his own life-learned emotions and expresses them through his performance. His dynamic playing, including story telling leads as well as soulful rhythm is engaging and mutually enhanced by the integration and melding of the members of The Walkin' Blues Band.

AL GREEN - Guitar, Vocals. Al took up the guitar at age 10. In 8th grade he was lead guitarist in a cover band doing Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Led Zepplin. He went to High school in Cambridge England, and played in the Bill French band, doing originals influenced by Chick Corea and John McLaughlin. While studying Electrical Engineering at Tufts University, Al played in Roadwork, a rock and blues band doing originals, Allman Brothers, Little Feat and Grateful Dead. After school Al played in the Boston Funk Band Legal Vices, and in All Clear doing originals. During a band break Al studied the blues roots of Freddie King, Albert King and Albert Collins. Lately Al played guitar in New England Country, jazz with HoneyMac, and originals in Black Cat Bone.. Always looking for something new Al also plays with the New Transcendentalists. Using his EE education Al also builds his own custom tube amps, guitar FX, and speaker cabinets. Al is now doing the blues with Walkin' Blues and is ready to Rock the House in a blues/jazz and rocking style.

MICHAEL TERRY - Bass, Vocals. Michael grew up in Vermont and started playing bass in high school, more years ago than he'd like to remember. After a number of stints playing blues and rock in garage bands in high school and college, Mike moved to Providence, RI and helped form The Motion, an all-original new wave/R&B group. Since then he's played with bands all over the artistic map: from reggae to acid-jazz improv, but always returns to the blues. Now in his most recent endeavor, Michael adds his own style to The Walkin' Blues Band while seamlessly keeping the backbone rhythm in perfect time.

MIKE TRAUB - Drums. Mike graduated from Tufts University with a degree in music and performance. He studied drums and percussion with Allan Dawson, and Ewe music from West Africa with both David Locke and Nani Agbeli. Mike has played with several bands prior to joining The Walkin' Blues Band including The Stovall Brown Band, The Movers, and Black Cat Bone and is an active member of the Agbekor Drum and Dance Society.