Easy EPK - Electronic Press Kits

We will design and host a kick ass EPK for your band. You pay one low price and we host the EPK for life! Or at least as long as there's an internet :-)

If you have all the EPK assets already but don't like the idea of paying Ca$h every year to a website that rhymes with: Reserve Deflation, we can help you out for a ONE TIME cost.

If you've got some stuff but not enough for a real solid EPK we can help you there too! We can provide ALL the additional services you need to build that killer EPK as an add on.

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We've put together some Q&A to address expected questions. If you don't find an answer to your question please email adam AT EasyEPK.com.

I've got some pictures and video for the EPK. Does that change the price?

Yes! You can get the service for a low price if you have your media in hand. It's not required to use our other services, so If you've put the effort into getting good media, let's do it!

I don't have a lot of images/videos for an EPK, can you help?

Yes! we can provide ancillary services to fill in any gaps you might have. We can provide awesome video, photography, audio & graphic design work to fill out your EPK. It will cost extra for the services.

Where can I find info on your supporting services?

How do I send venue owners to my new EPK?

When the EPK is complete we will provide you with a easily shared URL. Post it online, or email it to folks you want to have see it. It will be in the easy to verbalize form of easyepk dot com "slash" artist "slash" bandname.

I have my own website. Is there any way to have a link that matches?

Yes! We can work with your web guy to set up what's called a redirect so that instead of handing out an EasyEPK.com link you can set something up along the lines of yourbandname.com/epk and be good to go.

A good example is out first client. They use the URL http://www.tonysoulproject.com/epk

but it redirects to:


I'd like the EPK to look like my own website. Is that possible?

Absolutely! We can copy the look and feel of your website if you so desire. See the Tony Soul Project EPK and compare to the Tony Soul Project Website

I'd like to track EPK views. Is that possible?

Absolutely! If you have Google Analytics code for your current website we can grab your tracking code and hits on the EPK will show up in your GA Dashboard! Boom!

Why is it hosting free for life.

Because it's one way I choose to give back.

Can you recreate band logos if needed.

Heavily on artwork drawn logos are pretty difficult to replicate. We would hope the original artist provided (or can provide) electronic versions of that. When it comes to font's it's pretty simple to replicate. If you know the font name used it's a no-brainer.

Why should I add logos/images to an EPK?

Part of getting the gig is working well with the establishment. If the venue creates their own posters or other media to promote shows, making it easy for them to include a branded logo for the band is just another step in the professional direction.

What should an EPK include?

As much as possible but most if not all of this list:

  • 2 to 3 great videos
  • A photo album of high quality pics.
  • SoundCloud recordings
  • A band bio
  • Band member bio's
  • A list of venues played
  • If you like to jam and you have special guests, put together a list of featured artists you've had
  • Some indication of musical style, a set list and/or how long a night you can play
  • Head shots for the bio
  • Logo and supporting graphics for download
  • Links to schedules and booking information
  • Stage plot and input list if you do that sort of thing

Below is a sample of our video, photography and graphic design work which can be part of your killer EPK. Click a thumbnail below to view:

VIDEO: Samantha Fish PHOTO: Lois Greco GRAPHIC DESIGN: Northstreet

Why Should I have an EPK?

Well in a nutshell if you're running around burnin CD's with a couple of songs and dropping them off at the club have I got news for you. CD's fly like frisbees when thrown towards a garbage can. I've got a better use for your time at the club. Go down, buy a drink, introduce yourself to the manager and leave them a link that that they can check out and learn all about your band.